The Business and Consumer Sciences Dept. offers a diverse array of HOT Topics (“Hands On Teaching”) for all teens to experience success in the world of work.

Business Law and Intro to Business are great ways for students to get an insight into the business world that surrounds them.  To sharpen and update their interactive media and computer skills, Desktop Publishing, Web Design and Video Production will empower their employment.  To further our students’ business and marketing future, Marketing Fundamentals, Business Mgmt. and Ownership and Sports and Entertainment Mgmt. are available for entrepreneurs.

Teen Leadership serves to improve our students’ confidence and communication skills.  Our FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Dept. offers seven different classes annually which will strengthen the family unit and students’ leadership qualities:  FACS I, Career Orientation, Food Science and Personal Nutrition, Housing and Home Furnishings, Marriage and Family, Parenting and Child Development, and Personal Clothing Mgmt.

Woodworking classes are offered at four levels, Intro to Woodworking through Woodworking III.  Students enjoy creating as they follow plans and procedures in making items that will be cherished for many years to come.

To extend the classroom experience, four active student organizations are available to develop the whole person and his/her leadership skills.  There are also opportunities to enter competitions and to travel outside of the great state of Oklahoma.  These organizations are BPA (Business Professionals of America), DECA, FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America), and Wood Tech Club.

As you can clearly see, our Business and Consumer Sciences Dept. is meeting the needs and interests of every student at EMHS!


 Subject  Teacher  Room #  Schedule  Plan
Family/Consumer Science Jana Jolly 225 2-7 3rd
Angela Doss 227 1-6 2nd
Business Wendy Clark
Digital Media Production
Multimedia & Image Management
220 1-6 2nd
Cindy Hale
Fundamentals of Technology
Fundamentals of Web Design
222 1-6 2nd
Marketing/DECA Kim Walters* 219 1-7 7th
Study Skills Lorna Williams 270 2-7 4th
Susan Emrich 412 1-6 4th
Reading Improvement Susan Emrich 412 1-6 4th
 Industrial Arts  Rick VanCleave Wood Tech  1-6  2nd
Agricultural Science Mason Jones Ag. Bldg. 1-6 1st
Kenny Leatherwood Ag. Bldg. 1-6 1st
 Jeremy Schmidt  Ag. Bldg.  1-7  1st
 Leadership Luke Orvis  402  1-7  3rd
Career Kisha Hardy Prof. Int. 6-7 NA

*Department Chair