Includes the following features: Explore Colleges and Careers
        -Discover the colleges and universities in the state.
        -Determine the careers that best match your skills and interests
        -Match schools with your career interests Plan and Pay for College
        -Learn about ways to pay for college
        -Apply online for Oklahoma’s Promise
        -Create a personal portfolio to track your college planning Apply to College
        -Gather information about the admission requirements at all Oklahoma colleges and universities
        -Apply online to most of the colleges and universities in Oklahoma.


Learn more about planning, preparing and paying for college.   Access games and tools to help students prepare for higher education. Locate financial aid resources, including FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) teaching tools.

 Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

The Student Center Section of the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education’s Web site directs students to various college planning resources, including Oklahoma’s Promise and GEAR-UP.

Oklahoma College Assistance Program

The Oklahoma Guaranteed Student Loan Program’s web site contains helpful information for prospective and current students, including scholarship and federal student loan resources.

Oklahoma Money Matters

OGSLP’s financial literacy program, Oklahoma Money Matters, provides families with information and tools about budgeting, consumer credit, student loan management, and other personal finance topic.

NCAA Eligibility Center

Students interested in playing NCAA sports (college level) need to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center.  (Formerly NCAA Clearinghouse)  This is the student’s responsibility. Please make sure your counselor is aware of the student’s desires to play NCAA sports. eligibilitycenter.org


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Get Schooled is a national non-profit founded on the belief that students themselves have the power to improve their future if given the right information and motivation. We leverage the key influences in teens’ lives to directly motivate them to stay committed to graduating from high school and going on to college.

Check out these websites for more information on what to share in a scholarship resume:

Building a Winning Resume
Scholarship Resume Writing Guide


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