Francis Tuttle Technology Center

If you have any questions about Francis Tuttle please contact your School Counselor.

Francis Tuttle High School Programs

Francis Tuttle Digital Application is Now Open!

Read the directions before starting your application.
If you are interested in Francis Tuttle, please find the link below! Please sign up with a personal email address- not your Edmond schools account. Please take time to answer your essay questions. The link will take you to the Admissions Process page where there is a link for 9th, 10th, and 11th grade, as well as, a link for graduating seniors. You will create an account, wait for an email from Etreive that confirms your account creation, then you can complete and submit your application. If you have any issues with your application or submission there is a number on the application that you can call to troubleshoot the process.
  • FRESHMEN: you may only apply for Academies at this time- Engineering, Biomedical Sciences, and Computer Science. Career Training Programs are not available to them at this time.
  • SOPHOMORES: you may apply for Career Training and Academies.
  • JUNIORS: you may apply for Career Training.
  • SENIORS: you will need to apply as an adult to the program of your choice for the year following your graduation. Please see your counselor about the Next Steps Scholarship Program that can help you pay for tuition for 1 full program.

Francis Tuttle Application Link

2022-2023 Francis Tuttle Information

Francis Tuttle – EMHS Bus Schedule


Francis Tuttle Hours by Location
Location Address AM PM
Danforth 3841 E. Danforth Road, Edmond 8:25-11:20 12:10-3:05
Rockwell 12777 N Rockwell Avenue, OKC 8:00-10:55 12:30-3:25
Portland 3500 NW 150th Street, OKC 8:00-10:55  12:30-3:25

Attendance at Francis Tuttle

Absence Form – Please use this form to report absences to Attendance Office.

Documentation must be provided to have the absence excused. Documentation can be e-mailed to (Rockwell, Portland, and Reno students) or (Danforth students only). Please see the Student Handbook for more information.

Danforth: 405-906-4455

Portland: 405-717-4986

Rockwell: 405-717-4206

Francis Tuttle 2022-2023 Calendar
If Francis Tuttle is not having classes you do not need to come to EMHS until you have class on our campus.

If EPS is not having class you are not required to attend Francis Tuttle.  You are welcome to attend Francis Tuttle, and it is encouraged but since we cannot provide transportation this is not required.

Francis Tuttle Hours by Location
Location Address AM PM
Danforth 3841 E. Danforth Road, Edmond 8:20-11:25 12:20-3:25
Rockwell 12777 N Rockwell Avenue, OKC 7:55-11:00 12:30-3:35
Portland 3500 NW 150th Street, OKC 7:55-11:00 12:30-3:35