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Francis Tuttle Application for 22-23 school year

Francis Tuttle Career Training Programs-11th and 12th-grade students (2022-2023)
Programs include a career path for almost any interest and can accommodate any skill level.

For more information about the Francis Tuttle Career Training programs click Francis Tuttle Career Training Programs (Students entering 11-12 grade students for 22-23 school year can apply)
Career Experience 2022 (

Francis Tuttle Academies-10th and 11th-grade student (2022-2023)
Francis Tuttle offers four Academies to high school students.  The academies prepare students for college work in a subject they are passionate about through hands-on learning experiences.

For more information about the Francis Tuttle College Prep Academies Click Francis Tuttle Academies  (Students entering 10-11 grade students for 22-23 school year can apply)  At the Francis Tuttle Academies, students earn core credit in math (Intro to Advance/Honors-AP) and science (Intro to Advance/Honors-AP) and elective credit for the discipline-specific courses.

How do students apply?

  1.  Hard copy – pick up a hard copy of the applications from the counseling office.  Once completed they can bring it to the main counseling office.
  2. Fillable application.  Step-by-step directions for using the fillable application are below.

Francis Tuttle Application for 22-23 school year 

  1. Download the application before you begin typing on it or your information will not save.
  2. On-Page 3 of the application, you may either type or handwrite the essay questions.
  3. Submit your application to Mrs. Bailey in the counseling office either by one of the following options
    1. Scan and email your application to Mrs. Bailey,, documents need to be scanned as a PDF, we can’t accept a picture.  Most phones have the capability to scan a document.
    2. Print off your application and return it to the main counseling office – the counseling secretary, Mrs. Bailey. 

Note:  There is not a specific deadline to apply, but the programs are first come first serve and spaces do run out.

2021-2022 Francis Tuttle Information

Francis Tuttle Hours by Location
Location Address AM PM
Danforth 3841 E. Danforth Road, Edmond 8:25-11:20 12:10-3:05
Rockwell 12777 N Rockwell Avenue, OKC 8:00-10:45 12:30-3:25
Portland 3500 NW 150th Street, OKC 8:00-10:45  12:30-3:25

Who to call for attendance at Francis Tuttle

Francis Tuttle Bus Schedules

Francis Tuttle 2021-2022 Calendar
If Francis Tuttle is not having classes you do not need to come to EMHS until you have class on our campus.
If EPS is not having class you are not required to attend Francis Tuttle.  You are welcome to attend Francis Tuttle, and it is encouraged but since we cannot provide transportation this is not required.

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