The Counseling Office of Edmond Memorial High School offers a variety of services for students in grades 9 through 12.  The staff consists of four academic counselors, a student assistance counselor, a career counselor,  and a school psychologist.  In addition, the support staff, including a registrar, scholarship secretary, and counseling secretary provide invaluable help to students and parents.

Who is my counselor?

Cassandra Sharp Resource Counselor

Kassi Sharp
Student Assistance

Ms. Sharp is responsible for handling a variety of activities.  She also provides group and personal counseling.  In addition, Ms. Sharp is the liaison for the alternative schools at Boulevard Academy and Project Hope at Francis Tuttle Career-Tech Center.

Herkisha Hardy
Career Counselor

Ms. Hardy provides career interest inventories that will connect student skills and interests to appropriate career choices.  She also helps students find direction to and recognition of the many options for post-graduation paths.  In addition, she coordinates job shadowing opportunities in the community for students and serves as the liaison to Francis Tuttle.

Mieke’ Price
School Psychologist

Ms. Price is primarily involved in special education referrals and coordinating interventions for students who are having difficulty performing in school.  She meets with students, parents, and teachers to discover what is causing the student’s difficulties as well as to obtain further information through testing, if necessary.  She is an invaluable resource for the counseling and teaching staff in dealing with behavioral or emotional issues.

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