AP Testing

The deadline to pay for AP exams is Friday, Nov. 1st.  A $40 late fee per exam will be charged after Nov. 1st.  

Parents:  You can pay for the exam online or in the Finance Office.  The Finance Office will take cash or check.  To pay for items online, use a credit card and log onto the parent payment portal (https://ok-edmond.intouchreceipting.com/).  The login ID for InTouch is the student’s EPS student ID Number. The password is the student’s last name beginning with a capital letter. Click on Items at Student’s School – Click on Testing. Follow directions on the screen.  Please pay close attention to the test you select so we make sure you select the correct test.

Students:  Make sure you have made a MyAP account and have received a code from your teacher.  Your MyAP account is where you register for the exam.
All AP students will need to select:

Confirm Registration
No, I wish to remove myself from taking this AP Exam.  
Parents, if you will pay for the exam the teachers and I will make sure they have a MyAP account and they have registered for the exam.  

Exams order deadline: November 1st deadline

EPS 2019 AP Exam Fee for a student taking one exam – Nov 1st $95
EPS 2019 Oklahoma Fee Reduction for students who take 2 or more exams. $70 per each exam
EPS 2019 College Board/Oklahoma fee reduction for low-income students based on Free and Reduced Lunch Application $10 per each exam
EPS 2019 Capstone tests $120
EPS 2019 Oklahoma fee reduction for Capstone tests for low-income students based on Free and Reduced Lunch Application $42
All ordered after November 1st and before February 14th will include an additional $40 late fee. – meet w/AP Coordinator to make any changes.
Additional fee for exams ordered after November 1, 2019, through February 14, 2020 Exam Fee plus additional $40 late exam fee.
Exams canceled by February 14, 2020 – No refund will be given No additional costs
After February 14, 2020, an EPS no show fee will be charged for each exam not taken.  $25 NO SHOW FEE per each exam

Questions? Contact the AP coordinator, Tiffany Elerick tiffany.elerick@edmondschools.net

AP Credit Policy Search – Find college and universities that offer credit or placement for AP Scores.

AP 2020 Test Dates   

Report to Cheer Pom Facility about 10 minutes before start time unless you have been informed of a different location.
*World Language and Music Theory location – TBA
Mon. 5/4 US Government and Politics Physics C: Mechanics
Physics C: Electricity 2:00 pm
Tues. 5/5 Calculus AB
Calculus BC
German Language

Human Geography

Wed. 5/6 English Literature Physics 2: Algebra-Based
European History
Thurs. 5/7 Chemistry Physics 1: Algebra-Based
Fri. 5/8 US History Computer Science Principles
Mon. 5/11 Biology Environmental Science
Tues. 5/12 Seminar
Spanish Language
Wed. 5/13 English Language Microeconomics

Music Theory

Thurs. 5/14 Comparative Government
World History
Fri. 5/15 Computer Science

French Language


Late exams may be given if two or more AP exams are on the same date and time or if a student qualifies for a state or national competitive event.   Late exam test dates are Wednesday, May 22nd, Thursday, May 23 and Friday, May 24th.  Please contact Mrs. Elerick if you qualify for a late exam.

Please e-mail Tiffany Elerick (tiffany.elerick@edmondschools.net), AP Coordinator/counselor if you have any questions regarding AP.