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AP Exam checklist

STUDENTS TO MAKE SURE THEY KNOW THEIR USERNAME AND PASSWORD TO THEIR MYAP ACCOUNT.  The school does not have access to usernames and passwords, so suggest you make sure you can log on now.  Call AP Services for Students 888-225-5427

Due to COVID-19 closures, you now have access to ALL of Shmoop’s premium content.  Test Prep, courses, study guides, college prep and more

Test link and code will be sent to the email on file and will also be posted in the student’s MyAP account.

If for some reason you cannot test on the date and time of your AP exam or you have technical difficulty please email Mrs. Elerick tiffany.elerick@edmondschools.net
The late testing dates are for students who cannot take the exam on the regular scheduled date and time.   DO NOT just elect to take the test on this date, if you have technical difficulty on this date there will not be another opportunity to take the exam and your scores will be delayed.

TAKING THE EXAMS –  Students will also receive an AP testing guide late April.  The will also be AP classes and review lessons on how to access the exam.

ACCESSIBILITY:  If you need help to access the tools and with the connectivity to review AP content online and take the exam and you need mobile tools or connectivity.  College Board said to  reach out to us directly to let us know.   You can also email Mrs. Elerick at tiffany.elerick@edmondschools.net.

College Board:  Because students overwhelmingly told us they want to take their AP Exams, we’re providing online learning and AP Exams and live classes on YouTube available at home for all students this spring.

ANNOUNCEMENT:  EPS configured iBoss to allow individually whitelisted YouTube videos, and will have the AP list of videos whitelisted by April third (3rd).


Khan Academy is the Official Practice Partner for AP  – Khan Academy is not the official practice partner for AP to offer free instructional videos, articles, and practice exercises designed to build the knowledge and skills needed for AP-level courses.

Oklahoma 4 year and 2 years Institutions:   College Credit or placement for your Advanced Standing Scores. 

AP Credit Policy Search – Find colleges and universities that offer credit or placement for AP Scores.

Please e-mail Tiffany Elerick (tiffany.elerick@edmondschools.net), AP Coordinator/counselor if you have any questions regarding AP.