Permission forms for Boys State Tennis and Boys/Girls State Track for this Friday were sent to your parents’ email address today and must be submitted from a registered Parent Portal email only no later than Thursday morning,  5/11, by 10:00.  If you’re planning to go, coordinate with your friends beforehand and make sure to have your parent submit only ONE permission form before the deadline.  Your REDEEMED ticket for that event showing date/time must be emailed to by 3:00 on Friday in order to be coded.  We hope you’ll go support our athletes and encourage you to carpool if possible since parking at both locations is very challenging!  Thank you!

Note:  SENIORS are required to attend graduation and to remain at the Main Event site until at least 1:00 if a ticket has been purchased, but should also submit a permission form if going to a state activity after the senior event but before graduation.  Remember, you can attend the State event on Saturday for finals, so enjoy your senior activities to the fullest since you’ll only have that opportunity once!  Congratulations to all our Seniors!