Please make note of these few important details for Swine Week Friday, March 10th at Memorial

1)  Remember that we are on a shortened class schedule tomorrow to allow for the final assembly in the afternoon.  Swine Week FRIDAY ONLY SCHEDULE  (Also note that 4th & 6th hours are reversed)

2)  LUNCHES are based off the 5th hour teacher’s lunch assignment, which might be different than your usual lunch!  5th Hour Teacher Lunches for 3/10

3)  Student PARKING – The lots on the north side of the football stadium by 15th Street and the Track lot are both CLOSED TO STUDENTS on Friday.  Students may park in the west lot near the softball stadium or the available areas in the southeast lot behind the football stadium only.

4)  Limited parking for our Swine Week Recipients, families, and other final assembly guests may be available at the track facility on 15th, the lot north of the stadium off 15th, the east end of the lot behind the stadium, or the freshman academy.

5)  All FFA/Ag students are to STAY at Memorial and remain in the library during your normal class period at the Ag Building.  Concurrent and Francis Tuttle Students:  Please email with your name, grade, and a specific hour if the schedule change impacts your ability to attend your EMHS afternoon class on Friday.  We will make the adjustment (6th hour for most) per your request.  Thank you!


Thank you, everyone, for your amazing support during Swine Week 2023!