Before you leave high school, you must check in your Chromebook with the case and your Chromebook charger. The Check-in date will be starting on May 10th. Please ensure you have the correct brand of charger. Alternative or off-brand chargers will not be accepted. The STPP Sheet can help you determine the cost of any damages or missing items. If you are unsure what you need to turn in, please use the Chromebook Identification Sheet. Each student must complete the Chromebook Clean Up Steps before the Chromebook can be checked in. If you checked out a hotspot, it must be checked in with the charging cable and a SIM card.


Your EPS Google account will remain active until the end of business on June 24th. If you need any files from this account you must make a copy before June 24th. Please use the Google Takeout Instructions to help save your EPS Google account data.