Hawaii TRIP MEETING Nov 11th- 6 p.m.- EMHS Ms. Shannon Hill-Campbell’s Room Freshman Academy 421

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students- and Teachers/Counselors !!!

After much research, we have decided to change our travel destination from Belize to Hawaii. The COVID numbers are MUCH lower in Hawaii due to the precautions their state has taken. Also, it makes many of the parents/students/teachers much more comfortable to know if someone were to become ill that we would be in the US.

So- I am SUPER excited !!!!! It has taken us some time to get our travel arrangements changed but we are now back in business!

We will have our TRIP meeting on Nov 11th at 6 p.m. in Shannon Hill-Campbell’s classroom. I will be there as well.


1. This can be a family trip! Age limits for siblings to attend is 5-6th grade/11 years. Family members and grandparents are encouraged to attend. Many of our past trips have included family members and many people have arranged to do the tour with us and then stay a longer period of time. Middle school students are welcome to attend. I will be reaching out to the 8th grade but if you have a middle school-aged student who 11 years or older- they are totally invited

2.  We will be leaving in a window through either June 1st to June 11th. The trip date is fluid until 2 months before the trip. So if you want to ask off from work or make arrangements be sure to request time off from June 1st- June 11th. Right now we are trying for June 6th to be the day that we leave OKC to Hawaii!

3. We have monthly and bi-monthly payment plants,! Come to our meeting for more information. EF does give scholarships. Students have to explain why they want the scholarship and how are they going to use this time to make a positive impact on other students.

Here is the breakdown of the trip:

1. Day 1 Honolulu- Waikiki- Arrive in Honolulu

2. Day 2. Honolulu- Waikiki (History Teachers !!!)

USS Arizona Memorial

USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park

USS Missouri Memorial

3. Day 3: Waikiki

Hike Diamon Head

Walking tour of Waikiki

Free time to hang- shop and explore

4. Day 4: Waimea Valley

Guided tour

Visit Lo’i Kalo farm in Waialua

Participate in cultural activities

Experience a luau

5. Day 5: Waikiki

Free time at Waikiki Beach

Fly to the Big Island

Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawaii

6. Hiulo – Kona

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Travel to Kona

Punalu’u Black Sand Beach

7. Day 7- Kona

Historic walking tour

Free time in Kona

Depart for home

Day 8- Arrive home



The more students we can get, the better the prices will be!

Breakfast and dinner provided

Comprehensive sightseeing tours

Overnight security at your hotel

Illness and Accident Coverage

Travel ID Badges and BAckpacks


Extended STAY


Cost, insurance, and specific information will all be covered at our meeting !!! 

Super excited! Hope to see you there!

Mrs. Antkowiak

Hope you can come to our meeting ~ If not, please email any questions.