We are proud of our Volleyball players and with them the best in Tuesday’s Regionals being hosted at Memorial!  The schools represented at our host site are Bixby, Norman, Southmoore, and EMHS.

Please be aware of the following changes due to being in the OSSAA Regional/State Playoff tier of play:

Ticket price for everyone Kindergarten -Senior Adult – $7.00 per person, CASH ONLY – exact change greatly appreciated!

NO PASSES or punchcards will be honored except the OSSAA Coaches’ Playoff Pass with matching ID may be used for Regionals or State level play.

Tickets will be sold at the gate only – no online sales for this event.  (Prices will increase to $10 per person if we advance to the State tournament October 18-19, and will be sold online only.)

Student Section dress theme:  Jerseys

Special notes for students from OSSAA:  Noisemakers of any kind are not permitted!  “Boom boxes or any type of device that plays music, sounds, or voices, and noise makers of any kind such as air horns, cow bells, etc. will not be allowed to function/operate. This will also apply to pre-game/contest and post-game contest activities.”  Also, “ONLY the following people shall be permitted on the floor during team warm-ups and on the bench during the regional and state tournament: coaches under contract by their school, fifteen uniformed players, and a maximum of three other school approved personnel.”  Students and spectators – DO NOT get out on the floor during or after the games!!!


Please be sure to forward this information to parents or other guests who will be attending!