AP Exam order/payment deadline is October 29


STUDENTS must indicate YES in their MyAP account for each exam


Pay at the finance office: Cash or Check

Pay online: Credit card – log onto the parent payment portal (https://ok-edmond.intouchreceipting.com/). Login ID for InTouch is the student’s EPS student ID Number. The password is the student’s last name beginning with the capital letter. Items at Student’s School – Testing – Follow directions on the screen. IMPORTANT – Please choose the number of exams you are taking and then use the drop-down feature to choose the subject of the exams the student will take.

Students will register for the exams in the myap.collegeboard.org account using the sections code they were given by their teacher. Students much select YES, in MyAP to order the exam. Parents DO NOT need to do anything to register for the exam. If a parent pays the AP Coordinator and Teacher will make sure the student gets registered.

IMPORTANT: An application for Free and Reduced lunches must be completed to qualify for the fee reduction for low-income students. If you have not completed the applications please use the link provided to complete the application ASAP. https://frapps.horizonsolana.com/welcome If the link does not work please copy and paste the link into your browser.


EPS 21-22 AP Exam Fee for a student taking one exam$100

EPS 21-22 Oklahoma Fee Reduction for students who take 2 or more exams.$75 per exam

EPS 21-22 College Board/Oklahoma fee reduction for low-income students based on Free and Reduced Lunch application$10 per exam

EPS 21-22 Capstone tests$120

EPS 21-22 Oklahoma fee reduction for Capstone tests for low-income students based on Free and Reduced Lunch Application$10

*EPS 21-22 Fee for late exam (October 29-February 18)-See Mrs. Elerick to order exam after you pay. $40 per exam

Canceled (after October 29) or No Shows on test day$25 per exam


More information about AP Testing can be found on the Memorial Website under counseling. https://memorial.edmondschools.net/counseling-center/ap/