September 29, 2021

Dear Edmond Families,

As I stated in my letter last week, we were nearing the data point where we could move from quarantines required to quarantine notifications. Today is day 10; therefore, we have set Monday, October 4, as the day to transition. I suspect you would agree that these types of changes work best when they happen at a natural break or over a weekend.

You may be asking why we are making this move when quarantines have worked, and they have proven to be effective. At this point, we have reached a threshold where the school will no longer be acting on behalf of the OCCHD to require quarantines. This responsibility will shift back to the OCCHD and to parents. Parents will still be notified when their child has been in close contact with a positive case of COVID, and they will have the responsibility to determine whether or not to quarantine their child.

If you are curious about masks, that threshold was set at .1% for 10 or more days. So far, we have not reached that threshold; but we continue to monitor the data and will take a deeper look at fall break, as promised in the original communication concerning masks.

While I sincerely hope that required quarantines are behind us, if something changes or a new variant causes a resurgence of cases, we will reinstate quarantines if we remain above the .5% threshold for a number of days in the future.

Superintendent Signature