Dear EPS Families,

This is a letter I am actually excited to send out. If you have been following the district’s Covid data on our website, you are aware that we are experiencing a dramatic decrease in the number of Covid positives and quarantines across our district. Some school sites have had no Covid positive cases for several days. This is welcome news!

Therefore, in collaboration with the Oklahoma City County Health Department (OCCHD), the district has established a Covid positive threshold that if met would initiate a change in quarantine procedures detailed below.

Covid Positive Threshold Established for Quarantines: 

If Covid positive cases stay below .5% for 10 consecutive school days, the district will determine a date to move from required quarantines to quarantine notification. In the case of a quarantine notification, parents will be notified if their child has been in close contact with a positive case, and the parent will be responsible for carrying out the quarantine or not.

In our conversations with the OCCHD, they want to make sure that parents understand that if a student has direct, prolonged exposure to another student who is Covid positive (e.g. they ride in a car together, eat lunch together every day, or had a sleepover), it is best to quarantine them to avoid potential spread in our schools.

If at any time after moving from quarantines required to quarantine notification, Covid positive cases begin moving back up and exceed .5% for five consecutive days, the district will set a date to begin requiring quarantines again. You will be notified of this or any other change through our regular communication channels. In addition, if your child is at home in quarantine when the threshold is reached, you can choose to complete the quarantine or return your child to school if they are symptom-free. We have currently been below .5% for six days. More communication will be sent out when/if the threshold is met.

What about Masks?

Likewise, when Covid positives drop below .1% for 10 consecutive school days, the district will set a date to move from masks required to masks recommended. If, after taking this action, Covid positive cases begin moving back up and exceed .1% for five consecutive days, the district will begin requiring masks. This is the same data I will review at the end of this quarter as promised when masks were initially required.

As we transition to more lenient precautions, please consider making the choice every day to protect those around you, particularly our youngest students and those who are immunocompromised.

We are taking these steps in collaboration with the OCCHD and based on data, not emotions. We want school to return to as normal as possible, but only when it is safe to do so.

We appreciate your partnership. It is the efforts of everyone working together that have helped us to reach this point. Thank you for the role you play in your children’s success at school each day.


Superintendent Signature

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