Mr. and Mrs. All Sport Graphic

Mr. and Mrs. EMHS were nominated by faculty. The winner was chosen by a combination of faculty and student votes.

Mr. and Mrs. All Sport were nominated by coaches and sponsors. The winner was chosen by a combination of coach/sponsor and student votes.

Please click on the link for the announcement video. Congratulations to all the finalists and winners! You represent us well.

Ms. EMHS Finalist
Amber Chen
Catherine Flores
Anna Gregory
Emersen Heron
Kristen Nieves
Chandler Wint

2021 Ms. EMHS
Amber Chen

Mr. EMHS Finalist
Treven Cowherd
Hunter Lenochan
Brooks Manzer
Christian McClendon
Sean Pedulla
Grant Perkins

2021 Mr. EMHS
Sean Pedulla

Ms. All Sport Finalist
Caylor Cole
Emersen Heron
Ava Hoppe
Isabel Langenberg
Elizabeth McAnally

2021 Ms. All Sport
Emersen Heron

Mr. All Sport Finalist
Hunter Lenochan
Sean Pedulla
Anthony Polley
Caleb Toliver

2021 Mr. All Sport
Sean Pedulla