The Memorial Bulldog Family is SO excited to welcome ALL of your students back to school after Spring Break!  Since we will all be adapting to having twice as many people on campus at once, here are some important reminders to help ease the way for everyone:

1) Traffic Flow and Drop Off Zones:  All students grades 9-12 who are dropped off and/or picked up must do so either of at 3 specific locations***, regardless of grade, and may walk through the building to the destinations.  Please remember to allow extra time for the quantity of traffic movement each day!

***On the FRONT side of campus, students coming from the North and WEST should use the WELCOME CENTER entrance by pulling in at the drive just west of the traffic light and exiting at the stoplight on 15th Street. 

***On the BACK side of campus, students coming from the South and EAST should use the FRESHMAN ACADEMY entrance off Scott Street, regardless of the students’ grade.  Enter at the guard house, follow the parking attendant’s directions around the loop for drop off, then turn right to exit at the guard house.  The drop off loop is RIGHT TURN ENTRY from the east and RIGHT TURN EXIT to the west ONLY to keep traffic flowing – please do not attempt to turn left as you leave the campus at the back gate.  For student drop-off or pick-up, please DO NOT enter through the separate back gate student parking entrance for safety reasons!!!

***From the stoplight on 15th Street, students may be dropped off at the front GYM LOBBY for easy access to the cafeteria. 

***Please obey SCHOOL ZONE SPEED LIMIT of 25mph on all streets surrounding our campus! 

***Above all, thank you for being patient as we all find the rhythm to keeping traffic flowing safely and efficiently for all!

2)  Student Parking:  The majority of students should park in the WEST LOT near the softball fields by entering the EDGEWOOD DRIVE GATE or the north gate off 15th Street.  These entries are for STUDENT PARKING ONLY – NO PARENT DROP OFF at these locations!  Students may also park in the new SOUTHEAST LOT behind the Dog House.  Note:  Entry and exit from this lot requires RIGHT TURNS ONLY from Scott Street with the flow of traffic during arrival and dismissal times, or may be accessed from the stoplight on 15th Street.  Students may NEVER park at the Welcome Center (North), Freshman Academy (South), or in areas designated for disabled, faculty, construction, or otherwise reserved.  A 2020-21 parking sticker is required on all student vehicles parked on campus during school hours.  Students in grade 10-12 who have not yet purchased their stickers will find all the needed information on the EMHS website under the Parking tab and must register vehicles before parking on campus.  Note:  We will not be using the new “one way” lot north of the stadium at this time unless assigned for student athletes or athletic buses. 

3)  Building Access:  The building will be unlocked 30 minutes prior to class time and locked immediately following dismissal bells.  Students must avoid congregating in the hallways or commons areas. Once arriving on campus, students are to go straight to 1st hour or to eat breakfast.   

4)  ID Badges must be worn around the neck by all students, faculty, and staff at all times during school hours.   If your student has misplaced or lost it, a replacement must be purchased ($5) at the Finance Office.  (It’s possible that replacement badges may not be made the same day as purchase, so please do not delay.)  

5)  Absences:  Parents, please be sure to report your student’s absences to the appropriate office as soon as possible either by phone or email.  Freshmen – email or call (405)340-2851.  Sophomore – Seniors – email or call (405)340-2861.  Documentation for medical, judicial, religious, college visits, or bereavement must be received in order for absences to be “excused” under new state guidelines, but parent “reason for absence” comments are always added to your student’s record, especially when no documentation is available.  Students must always SIGN IN if arriving late to document arrival time and get a pass to class.


Thank you for taking time to read and discuss these issues with your student before returning after the break.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as we transition back to a full campus and can’t wait to be all together again as the Bulldog Family!