Bulldog Weekly Blast

August 28, 2020
**Fall photos will be taken: 

September 22 & 25 (grades 9-11), also Virtual Ed Students A-L

Sept 29 & Oct 1 Seniors, also Virtual Ed Students M-Z

Retakes for everyone November 3 & 6 during English classes!



*** ID Badges – All students should now have this year’s ID badge.  If your student has not received one, he/she should go to the Library upon arrival at school.  If it’s not already there for pick-up, one will be made for the student on site.  All students and faculty must wear ID badges at all times during school hours while on campus.  Seniors may not leave campus for lunch unless wearing ID badges.


***Traffic Flow Request – Parent pick-up/drop-off locations for students are either at the Freshman Academy loop off Scott Street or at the Welcome Center loop off 15th Street.  Please exit the south side of building by Freshman Academy out the back gates into the neighborhood onto Scott Street or Edgewood Drive to disperse the traffic more quickly, especially at 2:55 dismissal.  Please be aware that the Welcome Center Loop’s PRIORITY at 2:55 is to get the buses off campus quickly, so all other traffic will be held before the stoplight to allow the buses to clear and to get our track students/pedestrian traffic across 15th Street safely.  Delays at the stoplight are long and unavoidable due to timing issues!  Please exit into the neighboring side streets if possible to avoid frustration at the stoplight.  Thank you, parents, for helping with pickup at those locations only, and for reminding your students to exit student lots at the back of campus whenever possible.


Mon 8/31 5:30 – V/JV Softball @ Perry

7:00 – 9th Football vs Yukon @ North

Tues 9/1 4:00 – Volleyball @ Southmoore

5:00 – JV/V Softball vs Deer Creek (EMHS)

Wed 9/2
Thurs 9/3 9:00 – Girls/Boys Cross Country Meet @ Carl Albert, MWC

9:30 – Freshman Advisory

5:00 – JV/V Softball @ Putnam City

Fri 9/4 TBA – Freshman Volleyball Tournament @ Norman North

5:00 – Band Football Game Rehearsal – Band Room

7:00 – V Football @ North HS

Sat 9/5  
Test Dates:  Sept 12, Sept 13, Sept 19, Oct. 10, Oct 17, Oct 24, Oct 25, Dec. 12.  All registration is done through the student account on ACT.org.  Do NOT use your school account for registration or records!
**To access all of our team’s schedules, go to http://www.rankonesport.com


Reminder:  If you’re attending Friday Night’s game, please remember these important safety guidelines!  EPS Football Game Fan Protocol  Parking for football games is available on the west side of the building near softball fields, or on the south behind the freshman academy.  Handicap accessible parking is located in the Welcome Center and in limited areas near the stadium entrance off 15th Street or Scott Street on the visitor side.  All Memorial fans MUST ENTER AT THE HOME GATE at the front of the stadium, regardless of parking area used!  The Visitor Gate (and allotted tickets) are for the visiting team only!  Patrons may not cross over between sides once inside the stadium fence.  All students and guests must exit the campus immediately following the game, so please make sure rides have pre-arranged meeting locations prior to that time at the FRESHMAN ACADEMY.  Correct change for tickets is appreciated at the gate ($5.00 per ticket for everyone grades kindergarten – senior adult).  Those with pre-purchased tickets or passes may go directly to the gate, however stadium capacity is firmly set and gates will be closed when we reach that limit.  Please arrive early!  Ticket booth and gates will open at 5:00 for 7:00 game time.


Bulldog Athletic Passes are now available for students and parents!  Students must bring ID badge to the Finance Office window to have the sticker adhered to the current year’s badge.  Student passes and adult punch cards may be used at all HOME athletic events except for OSSAA State Tournaments.

Student Passes – $40

Student Athlete Passes – $25 (athletes must show schedule with ID badge to obtain)

Adult/family Pass/Punch Cards – $40 for 10 “punch” tickets (saves $1 per ticket) which may be used by anyone the holder designates.  Punch cards may be purchased at the Finance Office or at the gate during any home sports activity, however you’re encouraged to pre-purchase prior to the event when possible to avoid a delay at the gate.

Senior Adult Passes are available to senior residents who pay Edmond utilities and must be obtained from the Edmond Public Schools Administrative Center (EPSAC) at Kelly & Danforth in the Athletic Director’s office.  Residents must show a current utility bill and driver’s license to obtain this pass, and it may be used at all home events.

Note:  Faculty Passes are not being issued this year.  In lieu of paper passes, EPS employees must show employee ID badges at the gate for home and away Edmond school events.  The employee must be present with family member(s)  to use the ID Badge for entry.

There have been new state and district mandated changes to attendance this year!   Our district office will be sending you more detailed information soon, but here are some important highlights you should know now:

  1. The high school exemption policy for final exams has been eliminated.  All students will take their finals in all classes.
  2. Excused absences are coded ONLY for the following reasons with Documentation:  Death in the Immediate Family (phone call & memorial brochure from service), Judicial (phone call & court document), Medical (phone call & provider’s note faxed /emailed from provider or original note for file), Religious (phone call & documentation from service or religious leader), and Family Emergency (approval of letter to administrator required).   Parents should always notify the school of a student’s absence with a specific reason and may then follow up with documentation within the following week.   If an absence is due to an illness which doesn’t require a physician’s visit, supporting comments will be entered in the student’s record with a code of ILL.
  3. COVID 19 related absences should be reported immediately to memorial.attendance@edmondschools.net whether for exposure, diagnosis, questions or concerns.  You will receive a follow-up call from your student’s administrator as soon as possible.  Attendance accommodations may be possible.  Documentation for this illness (test results, dr. notes, etc) should also be submitted to same email address.
  4. Parent contacts for Full – Day absences for all grades may now either be emailed to memorial.attendance@edmondschools.net or phoned in to the appropriate office.  Emails will be forwarded to correct office.   Freshman Office – (405)340-2851  Sophomore-Senior Office (340)2861
  5. Students’ two “in-seat” instruction days are extremely valuable!  Please avoid scheduling appointments on those days if possible and try for remote learning days where there is more latitude in your student’s schedule.  We understand this is not always possible.  If your student must miss for an appointment, please be sure to get documentation!
  6. If your student is a registered driver and must check out during the day due to illness or appointment, call the Attendance Office @ 340-2861 for a pass to be prepared.  Students who are NOT drivers must be signed out by an adult.   Please call the Welcome Center for grades 10-12 @ 340-2850 or the Freshman Academy office @ 340-2851 if the pick-up is not scheduled at a class break time and a check out pass will be needed.
  7. Please always leave a voice mail if you reach the attendance phone line, or send an email to above address.  We want to talk to you and will follow up or return your call as soon as possible.


Chromebook Information / Assistance
If you are on campus, you may come to Room 258 (Book Room) for assistance.

If you are off campus, you may request help by using the “Online Support Request” on the EPS Technology web page to enter a support request.  We will do our best to respond to support requests within 1 business day.

Technology Helpline is available at (405) 726-3333 between the hours of 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

Tech Central is located on Rankin between the YMCA and the baseball field if you need to go see a tech in person.

Please visit the Student EdTech webstite for many helpful resources to help your student.

Update from our Technology teacher:  It seems we are having some Canvas file upload/download issues for some students. If students are experiencing difficulty, have them complete the following steps:

Report A Problem With Canvas

  • Use the Canvas Help button (question mark @ bottom left-hand side of Canvas) and choose “Report a Problem.”
  • List your name, class, assignment and any other important information on your issue.
You are encouraged to EMAIL the counselor’s office for assistance, since staff may be unavailable to take your call at that moment and can then follow up as soon as possible.  Your message will be forwarded to all appropriate personnel.  Be sure to include your student’s name and grade in the subject line.  Please EMAIL memorial.counseling@edmondschools.net for assistance.


9th Grade:  Dawnetta Russell

A-G:  Stacey Tate

H-O:  Bethany Knight

P-Z:  Natalie Ryan

Career/Francis Tuttle:  Tiffany Elerick

Student Assistance:  Kelly Barnes

Due to CDC regulations regarding Covid 19 all fundraising will be done virtually this year.

EMHS Girls Track – https://405threads.com/products/emhs-track-retro-20

EMHS Soccer:  https://www.promoplace.com/avalanche-print-company/spirit-shops.htm   Access Code: 1845000

EMHS Softball: http://EMHS-ladydogs-softball.square.site  and   https://www.bonfire.com/store/emhs-softball/

EMHS Pom:  https://emhs-varsity-pom.myshopify.com/

EMHS Baseball:  Home | Edmond Bulldog Baseball Club

EMHS Cross Country:  Cross Country Merchandise Order Info

EMHS Girls Soccer: Soccer Order for Electronic QR Code Payment  or  Soccer Order Form for Payment by Check

EMHS Wrestling:  Wrestling Flyer and online store link:  https://405threads.com/products/emhs-wrestling-20

EMHS Swimming:  EMHS Swim Mask Order Form

EMHS Band:  https://www.promoplace.com/avalanche-print-company/spirit-shops.htm  Access Code:  1858712

STUCO:  Click the link to purchase a shirt.  https://405threads.com/products/emhs-dog-pound-20

Seniors 2019
**Order Senior T-shirts August 23 – September 10 – Room 213   $15 for shirts/$25 for sweatshirts.

(insert flyer here for Senior shirts)

STUCO (Student Council, for those new to the term!)
Howdy Week Dress-up Days

Group A Week 2

Monday, August 31st: Western
Tuesday, September 1st: School Spirit

Group B Week 2

Thursday, September 3rd: Western
Friday, September 4th: School Spirit


Reminder:  DogPound 2020 Shirt orders only available for limited time!  Order yours today!  Click the link to purchase a shirt.  https://405threads.com/products/emhs-dog-pound-20


Bulldog Weekly Blast Submission Process

If you would like to have information included in the Bulldog Weekly Blast, please send to janna.brinkoetter@edmondschools.net before noon each Tuesday.  For any attachments which need to be included, copy also to Jodi.weaver@edmondschools.net.


We strive to keep each student’s parent and emergency contact information current.

To update or make changes to your phone or e-mail information, please contact Jenny.Brumley@edmondschools.net.



Looking Ahead
September 7 – Labor Day – No School

September 8 – Fall Teacher/Staff Collaboration Day – No School

September 10 – 5:30 – Senior Parent Meeting – Cafeteria

September 10 – 6:30-8:30 – Open House

September 16 – Class Ring Presentation – Auditorium

September 23 – Blood Drive – Gym Lobby

September 23 – Francis Tuttle Academy Presentation for 9th graders – Auditorium

September 29 – “A” day Senior Class Meeting – Auditorium

October 1 – “B” day Senior Class Meeting – Auditorium