In addition to previous message concerning final transcripts and diploma pickups starting June 15th, here are some other important details for you to do BEFORE June 12th in order to have everything cleared in the system for you to pick up your items.

1)  If you have not already turned in your Chromebook with protective case AND charger, here is what you must now do BEFORE JUNE 12th:

You must return your Chromebook, protective case, and charger to Tech Central ( NOT Memorial) (1216 S. Rankin, between the YMCA and Central MS) BEFORE JUNE 12th. Tech Central will open beginning May 20th to check-in Chromebooks for seniors from 8 am – 12 noon only.

Please read the document at the following link  Senior Takeout Information that explains how to copy files from your school Google suite to your personal computer. All files will be deleted on June 26th; please follow these instructions before you bring your Chromebook to Tech Central.

Things to do before turning in Chromebook: 

  • Follow instructions to move Google Suite to another computer if you want to keep files
  • Clear browsing history
  • Delete your profile
  • Clean the Chromebook – please wipe it down!

2)  LUNCH ACCOUNTS:  Although your senior may not have eaten in the cafeteria during senior year, it’s possible your student might still have money in his or her cafeteria account OR still owe a balance from previous year, you must contact Child Nutrition by EMAIL to   If there’s money remaining in the account, you may either request the form for a refund, request having the balance transferred to a sibling or another student, or request donating it to Child Nutrition.

3)  YEARBOOKS: Senior yearbook pickup will be JUNE 29th between 8:00 – 3:00 at the Gym Lobby Loop.  Yearbook students will bring your book to your car.  Be sure to mark your calendar for your Senior Pickup Day!  If you didn’t order a yearbook earlier this year, you may EMAIL to get on the “wait list” if there are extras.  These will be distributed on a first requested, first sold basis, so be sure to get on her list if needed and she will let you know the price if any are available.  Otherwise, we will see you on June 29th to pick up your book!

4)  If you have not turned in your textbooks, library books, calculators,etc, you may bring them on the day you pick up your diploma.  You will park at the Welcome Center and must received a “cleared” slip from the Finance Office ladies who will be stationed downstairs before you’ll be allowed to come up to the Counseling Office for your records & diploma.  If you owe fines for anything other than the books you’re returning, you can pay them ahead of time by credit card (go to Memorial’s website, click finance tab and follow directions) or you may pay with correct cash on the day you come to pick up your diploma.  Please check your record before coming so there are no surprises!