After consulting with our athletic trainers, team physicians and the staff of McBride Hospital. We are encouraging our students/athletes to proceed with the following advice on sports physicals for the 2020-21 school year. We will provide additional information as it comes available. Due to the continuing restrictions with social distancing, there is uncertainty whether the district and McBride physicians can host a mass physical event for our athletes.


New athletic physicals will still be required this year for all athletes. Last year’s physicals, 2019-2020, will expire July 1, 2020. We are recommending all athletes get a pre-participation physical on their own. They should utilize their personal family physicians, which is preferable, or urgent care clinics. Please take a blank physical form.


Please use the link below to print the form.

Concerning RankOne, the website is ready for all athletes to do all online forms.

This is still required as usual.


Luke Orvis