Please be sure to check your Parent and Student Portals regularly for current grade and attendance information!  We are already drawing near to the end of our 2nd quarter of school, and very soon, the Semester Test Exemption Certificates will be awarded!  As a reminder, the district exemption incentive is in place as a reward for excellent attendance and one certificate may be earned per semester allowing the student to possibly exempt the final exam in the class of his/her choice where a grade of at least 80% or higher is held.  Students who earn an exemption must present the certificate to the teacher of the class whose test they plan to exempt no later than one day prior to the scheduled exam, and if students lose the certificate once issued, replacements will not be given.

How does a student earn an exemption?  District policy states that students with no more than 3 absences in ANY class and no more than 3 tardies in ALL classes may be eligible to exempt one semester exam.  (qualifications in above paragraph also apply)  Students who have had a suspension or ANY UNEXCUSED ABSENCE are not eligible for an exemption.  (Yes, that means not even one U is allowed!)

The following absence codes DO COUNT against exemption:

E (Excused absence, parent called), F (Family Emergency),  J (Judicial), and M (Medical)  (latter 3 require parent call and documentation)

The following absence codes DO NOT COUNT against exemption:

C (Conference, D (Death of immediate family member), N (In School Activity),  R (Religious), SA (School Activity), V (College Visit), and X (State School Activity)

(Note, both the Student and Parent Portals show attendance events by calendar days when viewed on a desktop or other computer, but are not easily viewed on a phone.  Please consult a computer or the student Chromebook for details if needed.)

We urge you to check your student’s record regularly and to call immediately to excuse any type of absence, even if documentation such as a medical note may be submitted at a later time!  Our first quarter attendance is already locked with the state, so anything prior to fall break (October 16th) CANNOT be amended except to add documentation such as medical notes.  You may call to excuse absences between October 22-present and original documentation to match parent calls is always welcomed.  Freshman Attendance Office, 340-2851; Sophomore – Senior Attendance Office, 340-2861.  For convenience, your provider may fax attendance notes directly to our office at 330-7355.

Random absence or wish to appeal an attendance entry in a class?  Your student must immediately email the teacher of the class, providing date, period, and explanation.  If the teacher agrees a change is warranted, the email will be forwarded to appropriate office for a record change if within the 10-day district policy.  Students have instant access to all teacher email via Portal or Canvas and become confident conversing with adults in writing by simply expressing their concerns, so please help your student master this important skill if together you determine there may be an error in his or her record.  We are all eager to help maintain an accurate and complete record for your student!

Please contact your student’s grade level attendance office any time for assistance.  We will be happy to help!