Students who have earned an exemption for fall exams will receive their exemption slip during 2nd hour on Wednesday, December 13th.  As a reminder – the exemption policy is as follows:

* No more than 3 absences in any class and no more than 3 tardies in ALL classes

* Must have at least a “B” average in the class of exemption

Exemption may be used for one class/exam only

* Medical (M), Judicial (J), Family Emergency (F), Excused (E), Unexcused (U) absences all COUNT AGAINST exemption

* State (X), School (SA), and In-School (N) Activity, Death in immediate family (D), College Visit w/ documentation (V), AISP (S) absences DO NOT COUNT AGAINST exemption

* Suspension (SUSP) or even one truancy absence (U) during the semester = not eliglble for exemption.

Please make sure your student has turned in all documentation for absences (such as medical or college visit notes), and that you have called to excuse all absences.  Remember, even one (U) keeps a student from an exemption, so check the full attendance record on a computer.  If your student has a random absence which you believe may be in error, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the teacher with dates/details via email so the teacher has a written record to consider, then it may be forwarded to the office for editing if warranted.