Upcoming Construction Projects:

Edmond Memorial will receive substantial improvements from the passage of the 2017 bond issue.  Plans call for constructing a two-story classroom addition on the north side of the school facing 15th street that will double as a storm shelter.  Start date on this phase of construction has not yet been board approved.

Memorial Stadium Field View
Rendering of Field View of New Stadium

In addition, the stadium will receive upgrades to include new seating, a press box, lighting, restrooms, concessions and parking. The track will be moved across the street to district-owned land just north of 15th street.  The stadium project is slated to be completed during the summer of 2019.

Memorial Stadium on Campus View
Rendering of New Stadium




Current Projects:

Our long-awaited construction projects (made possible by passage of the 2015 bond issue) have begun.  These projects include a new atrium to our athletic gym area and a new band room that will double as a storm shelter.  Both of these construction projects are slated to be completed for the 2018/19 school year.  Recently, a full school roof replacement was completed securing our Edmond Memorial facility for years to come!  New as of February of 2018 – we are now back to playing games in our freshly renovated main gym and locker area.


Naturally, parking has become difficult due to the construction we are experiencing at EMHS.  We need to make you aware of some very important changes to our parking and drop-off locations/procedures. Please take time to discuss these with your students to help them plan their arrival and dismissal from our campus.  Please view the attached map (click link to see full screen) for points of reference.

Edmond Memorial Map